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Hi, I’m Abra.

I’m a freelance digital marketing consultant with over 5 years’ experience working across multiple digital marketing disciplines. From social media marketing to SEO and content strategy, I can help your business reach the right people.

With a proven track record both client-side and in an agency setting, I can research, develop and contribute to a digital marketing strategy that works for you and your customers.

It’s important to me to work with you to define what you want from your website. When we both know what we’re aiming for, I can help you get there. Great communication and understanding is the key to success.

Let’s work together.

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All businesses are different. If you have a specific problem or don’t see any services that meet your needs, then please do get in touch. I’d love to talk about you, your business and where you’re going.

I will work with you to build a bespoke solution to your digital marketing needs.

As well as content and SEO audits, reviews and search engine optimisation services, I also provide consultancy and advice. If you have a question or if something is worrying you about your website, then always feel free to send me a message. I’ll be happy to help.

Or, if you’re looking for an answer to a specific question, try searching this site. My blog is full of SEO and digital marketing guidance, advice and ideas.

Man typing URL in phone and laptop

Do URLs Have a Maximum Length? And How Long is Best?

Most popular CMSs allow you to edit the URL of your page. They'll also automatically generate one for you too - but these tend to be a bit long.

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Man viewing website footer on a tablet

What To Include in a Website Footer

The footer is a key navigational tool. Ignore it at your peril (or your visitors’ peril). It appears on every page on your website and has become a common place for useful information.

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Writing URLs on laptop

Which Characters Are Allowed in URLs & Which Aren’t?

You will have noticed that some special characters seem to be able to slip into a URL (commas are often the culprit) while others don’t.

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Identical birds

Should H1 and Title Tags be the Same?

The H1 and title tag of a page is a major indication to users and search engines of what a page is about. Find out how similar they should be and which differences are OK.

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How to Write a Title Tag for SEO Including Examples

Your title tag is one of the most influential SEO facts on any given page. Find out how to write them, what to include and see examples from around the web.

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www letters

Do URLs need www.? And Does It Affect SEO?

Using both the www. and non-www. version of a website can contribute to duplicate content issues. This can negatively affect SEO. Find out how to identify the issue and fix it.

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I’m dedicated to helping your business navigate the online world and meet its goals. I’m also committed to making the internet a better place. For everyone.

Don’t just take my word for it.

"Abra is one of the most intelligent digital marketers I have ever worked with."
"She is a fabulous content marketer, her technical knowledge is incredible and what she does not know about digital marketing and SEO is not worth knowing. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have never recommended anyone more highly."

Carrie Hobart Lead Content Manager 

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